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Optimal MDMA Dosage for Safety and Enjoyment[edit]

Dose less than or equal to 125mg for safety and enjoyment. Re-dosing or taking a booster dose increases the risk.

A study found that MDMA desirable effects are maximized, and undesirable effects minimized, at doses between 81-100 mg. (1)

If this sounds low to you, ask yourself: how certain are you of the purity levels, not just MDMA presence, of your MDMA? How do you know?

MAPS’ MDMA research protocol involves 120 mg or 80 mg doses, followed by a 60 or 40 mg booster respectively around ~2.5 h after ingesting the first dose. (2)

From MDMA researcher Matthew Baggott:

“I trained in an MDMA neurotoxicity lab (Lewis Seiden’s) and then went on to do human studies (giving MDMA to volunteers to understand its emotional effects). I think MDMA may well be neurotoxic at the higher end of recreational doses. I wouldn’t personally take/give more than 1.5-1.7 mg/kg and would never take/give a booster dose, unless there was strong reason to think the person would have some clear benefit (as in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy) to offset the added risks. Just my opinion.”

“To the best of my understanding, doses around 1.5-1.7 mg/kg MDMA (roughly 100 to 125 mg MDMA) are unlikely to cause long-lasting serotonin changes. Studies by MAPS have looked for changes in mental abilities after people participated in their studies, with some participants receiving 125 mg followed by 62.5 mg, and have not found any changes.”

Also from Baggott

In studies such as this, we sometimes see bigger effects on heart rate than I would want and people frequently say they feel close to maximal effects. As a result, I tend to think 1.5 mg/kg is high enough and I would worry that 120 mg is too high for many smaller people.

I do agree there are limits to mg/kg scaling. Mg/kg is correcting for the volume in your body that the drug dissolves into, with the idea that people will get similar blood (and then brain) concentrations. However, this volume doesn't scale with weight perfectly because peoples' bodies are different on the high and low ends of weight. So I would personally suggest 1.5 mg/mg up to a maximum of 120 mg. I don't have strong evidence for a minimal dose from my studies, but if forced to choose I might use a minimum dose of 75mg.

Interestingly, MAPS is seeing preliminary evidence that lower doses might be more therapeutic, which is consistent with observations by therapist Leo Zeff that people want higher doses than they need.

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