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Things researchers studying MDMA should know[edit]

"I'm frustrated — I read studies, then hit the dosing section, and then think to myself how do they not know how to properly dose rats for MDMA in 2017?"

Researchers would know how to properly dose MDMA if they read these:

Answers to the question "What do you wish MDMA researchers tracked?"[edit]

  • Temperature. Especially if someone is studying supplements for MDMA neurotoxicity reduction, it would useful for them to track body temperature.

MDMA research wishlist[edit]

  • "One of the oddities re human studies versus human use "in the wild" is that (most) studies are conducted during daylight hours, and the drug is administered in the morning. That's also when we administer it in our therapy studies. However, people self-administering "Ecstasy" generally do so in the evening or even the middle of the night. And we don't know whether diurnal variations in neurochemistry affect the experience. There is a single pair of studies involving administration of MDMA at night, and in two doses (Bosker et al. 2010, and I believe a study by Kuypers et al.). What I wish we tracked is whether there are, in fact, differences in effects owing to circadian rhythm." — L (Ilsa) Jerome, Ph.D., Research and Information Specialist (MPBC / MAPS Public Benefit Corporation)